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World’s Most Sustainable Faucet

World’s Most Sustainable Waterless Urinals

About Aquwiss

Aquwiss is World Leaders in Environmental Management which supports innovation and structural improvements for the purpose of sustainable development. We design, develop and market sustainable energy and water efficient washroom products that barely consumes water, if at all and yet achieve a high cleaning effect. Our organization has been manufacturing the World’s Most Sustainable Water Conservation products for over 2 decades.

Waterless Urinals

Each urinal is made of high quality Polycarbonate. The urinal will never discolor, are virtually indestructible

Urinal Maintenance

Our waterless media urinal was designed to combat ALL the negatives surrounding the waterless industry,

HD Digital Media Display

Each Waterless Media Urinal comes with a built-in HD Display for advertising. Each display provides the opportunity

Impressions AND Eyeballs

Washroom advertising is different today than in years past. Today, advertisers can display their message on a sleek,

Our Clients

Our products are currently being utilized in over 40 countries with applications such as professional sports Stadiums & Arena’s around the world, Office Buildings, theme parks andAirports. Our Clients include thousands of McDonald’s locations throughout Europe, Walmart, Target, Tim Horton’s, Starbucks, Sandals and many more. As of today, over 300,000 of our faucets and urinals have been installed Worldwide.

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